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Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 Super-Regionals Tracker (Thursday)

The following chart will allow you to track the eight super-regional series, the two-out-of-three match-ups that will determine the participants in next week's Women's College World Series. Which super-regional series begin tonight, as opposed to Friday or Saturday? Which teams have captured one win on the road to the WCWS or have clinched a spot with two wins? It's all in the chart (or will be with my frequent updates)!

TeamsGame 1Game 2Game 3
Kentucky at Florida (1)***

 NC State at Oregon (2)**

Georgia (14) at Michigan (3)*Michigan

LA-Lafayette (13) at Auburn (4)**

Arizona (12) at LSU (5)***

Oklahoma (11) at Alabama (6)**

Missouri (10) at UCLA (7)***

Florida State (9) at Tennessee (8)*Tennessee
*Game 1 Thursday, Games 2 and (if necessary) 3 on Friday.
**Game 1 Friday, Games 2 and (if necessary) 3 on Saturday. 
***Game 1 Saturday, Games 2 and (if necessary) 3 on Sunday.