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Friday, May 16, 2008

Through nearly all of today's action (and the little that took place yesterday), the NCAA tournament games are going largely according to expectation.

One team whose season has ended in what many observers would consider a premature fashion is the University of North Carolina. Though not one of the 16 teams nationally to receive a seed (the University of Georgia got the nod, at No. 15, within UNC's region), the Tar Heels had been ranked as high as No. 13 in the national polls toward the end of the season. In addition to (probably) being one of the top teams outside the 16 NCAA seeds, UNC got to host the regional in Chapel Hill, suggesting that the Tar Heels might be able to give Georgia a run for its money. It was not to be, however, as UNC was eliminated via losses to BYU and Campbell.

National No. 4 seed Michigan looked to be in some danger, trailing 4-0 against Wright State. However, the Wolverines accomplished the unusual feat of hitting two grand-slam homers in the same inning, en route to a 13-5 run-rule victory.