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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

As I wrote about in the previous days' entries, I attended this past weekend's UCLA regional. I took some pictures, which are shown immediately below (you can click on the images to enlarge them)...

Three teams -- Nevada, Purdue, and Cal State Fullerton -- came to Easton Stadium to challenge the national No. 2 seed Bruins. As can be seen both from the outside and from the inside (small inset), beach umbrellas lined the upper rim of the stadium to protect fans sitting high up from the intense sun. Temperatures were around the 90-degree mark, well above what's usual for this time of year.

In the first of Saturday's three games, UCLA and Nevada both scored early and often. Megan Langenfeld came on during the second inning for the Bruins, to replace Anjelica "Jelly" Selden.

This is my humorous attempt to display a panoramic view of the field from the left-field foul pole to the right-field one, by joining two separate photos. If the differences in color shade between the two pictures doesn't give it away, note that UCLA (in blue) is in the field in the left-hand photo, whereas Nevada (in white) is in the field in the right-hand photo.

Nevada's Sam Bias is only 5-foot-3. She also squats down heavily in her batting stance, as seen above. My best estimate is that she has a strike zone of what, a foot-and-a-half?

Nevada's Richelle "Chach" Villescas pitched admirably in long relief Saturday against UCLA, but once the Bruins got to her for some late runs, she gave way to Jordan McPherson (left). Having just lost to UCLA and thus facing a late-night game against the winner of the next game (between Cal State Fullerton and Purdue), the Wolfpack players visit with their fans on the concourse level of the stadium (right).

UCLA had perhaps only the third-best fan support, despite playing in its own stadium. In addition to Nevada's large and loud contingent, Fullerton had a well-organized family section (photographed from two different perspectives). Clad in the white shirts with orange sleeves, many Fullerton fans sported designations such as "TITAN MOM," "TITAN DAD," and "TITAN SIS."

Purdue, clad in black jerseys, knocked out Fullerton in Saturday's second game, then fell just short against Nevada in the day's third and final game (which went past midnight local time). If nothing else, Purdue would have a number of leading candidates for the All-Violent Name team, featuring Sarah Killer and Amy Butcher.

As detailed in some earlier postings, Nevada gave UCLA all it could handle, both on Saturday and in what turned out to be the final game on Sunday. Ultimately, however, the roar of the Bruin Bear could not be overcome (the bear statue is near the bookstore, athletic department offices, and Wooden Center recreational facility).