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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here are the match-ups for next weekend's super-regionals. Each team's NCAA tournament seed (if any) is shown, plus I've put in links to articles on each team's winning of its respective regional this weekend. The higher-seeded team will host each super-regional series, which follows a 2-out-of-3 format.

Florida (1) vs. Cal

UCLA (2) vs. Georgia (15)

Alabama (3) vs. Missouri

Michigan (4) vs. Virginia Tech

Texas A&M (5) vs. Stanford (12)

[As an aside, both Texas A&M's Megan Gibson and Stanford's Missy Penna pitched no-hitters in helping their teams advance.]

Arizona State (6) vs. Northwestern (11)

Arizona (7) vs. Oklahoma (10)

Houston (8) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

A bracket from the official NCAA softball page, listing the dates, times, and television information (if any) for each series, is available here.

As can be seen, all of the No. 1-through-8 seeded teams won their respective regionals. It wasn't always easy, though. No. 1 Florida dropped a game to Central Florida. No. 2 UCLA went undefeated in its regional, but twice Nevada gave the Bruins all they could handle.