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Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Mary Nutter and Michigan/Alabama Results

I've created the following graphic to display every team's win-loss record at this past weekend's Mary Nutter/Cathedral City tournament (Clip Art of softball image). You may click on the graphic to enlarge it.

As seen at the top of the diagram, three teams went undefeated: No. 15 LSU, No. 22 Texas A&M, and unranked Utah (all rankings listed here are from Softball). LSU (San Diego State, Cal State Fullerton, No. 10 Arizona, Nebraska, Northwestern) and Utah (Nevada, UCSB, No. 13 Tennessee, Ohio State, Cal Poly) each beat only one ranked team, whereas Texas A&M didn't beat any (BYU, UCSB, Cal State Fullerton, Syracuse, Stanford). Three of LSU's opponents had received votes in the previous national rankings, however. Here's how other notable teams did:

  • No. 3 Oklahoma (lost to Arizona and Georgia; best win was over Kentucky)
  • No. 7 Georgia (lost to Texas and Notre Dame; best win over OU)
  • No. 8 Florida St. (lost to Tennessee and Cal; best win over UCLA)
  • No. 9 Kentucky (lost to Oklahoma, best win over Arizona)
  • No. 10 Arizona (lost to the SEC trio of Kentucky, LSU, and Mizzou; best win over OU)
  • No. 12 UCLA (lost to Texas and Florida St.; best win over Mizzou)
  • No. 13 Tennessee (lost to Cal, Utah, and Nebraska; best wins over Notre Dame and Florida St.)
  • No. 18 Mizzou (lost to UCLA; best wins over Arizona and Texas)
  • No. 20 Cal (lost to South Carolina; best wins over Tennessee and Florida St.)
  • No. 23 (tie) Notre Dame (lost to Tennessee; best win over Georgia)
  • Fresno State (lost to Ohio St.; best win over Texas, a team on the outskirts of the rankings)
  • Maryland (lost to Notre Dame; all wins were over unranked teams)

Elsewhere, in a battle of Top 5 teams, Michigan defeated Alabama twice in Tuscaloosa.

No. 2 Oregon, playing in the Baylor Invitational, split two with the host Bears (ranked No. 11), and also garnered a win over No. 25 Tulsa.