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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If you're visiting this website at 9:45 pm Central time or shortly thereafter, go to the Big 12 tournament site at once, and then click on the Gametracker for the Oklahoma State-Texas game. The Cowgirls are batting in the top of the 7th, leading the top-seeded Longhorns 2-0.

The runs came off of UT starter Meagan Denny, who was relieved by Cat Osterman. OSU, seeded 8th, had to win a play-in game earlier in the day against 9th-seeded Iowa State to qualify to play the Longhorns.

One thing I noticed that had escaped me earlier is that for the play-in round, it's single-elimination (meaning that Iowa State, and 10th-seeded Texas Tech who lost to 7th-seeded Missouri, have to go home). From here on out, it's double-elimination, so even if Texas loses, it's not eliminated. More later...

9:58 pm Central: It's all over. The Longhorns come up with a run in the bottom of the 7th, but fall short 2-1 (box score and play-by-play).

No. 2 seed Nebraska has also lost, 3-0 to Mizzou.

Tomorrow's schedule is now showing on the Big 12 tournament page (linked above). It certainly appears that some of those games in the losers' bracket are going to be a lot more significant than originally anticipated.