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Thursday, May 11, 2006

2:20 pm Central: Today's a big day of softball, as the Big 12 tournament is in Day 2, action begins in the Big 10 and SEC tourneys, and there are some key Pac 10 games later in the day.

Right now, in a Big 12 losers' bracket game that should just have gotten started, Texas A&M (which lost earlier today in a 13-6 slugfest to Oklahoma) is now taking on archrival Texas. Pretty intense game for the losers' bracket, huh? The two teams split their previous match-ups this season.

You can follow the tournaments (and particular teams) via the links on the right-hand side of the page. More updates later...

5:15 pm Central: Texas is out. Cat Osterman started against A&M, but that didn't prevent a 5-0 Aggie rout.

In other news, Day 1 of the Big 10 tournament at Northwestern has been rained out (click here for announcement and updated schedule). I just checked the Weather Channel for Evanston, Illinois, and the current reading is rainy, 45 degrees (F.), feels like 38. Rain isn't such a surprise, but it sounds a tad cold for May!

9:00 pm Central: UCLA shut out Cal, 2-0, to clinch the Pac 10 championship.

In contrast to the upset-filled Big 12 tournament, the first round of the SEC tourney has gone completely according to form. In the eight-team, single-elimination bracket, the four highest seeds (in order, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee) all advanced, outscoring their opponents by an aggregate 18-1.