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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Catching Up with Florida State

No. 2 Florida State's past week of play had its ups and downs, which I completely blanked on. Most hardcore college softball fans already know about the Seminoles' week, but to preserve this blog's historical record, I would still like to summarize what happened.

A week ago, on Wednesday, May 3, Alex Powers powered FSU to an 11-inning walk-off win over No. 1 Florida, with a two-run homer. The Seminoles' jubilation would be short-lived, however.

With your friendly blogger concentrating on key conference series such as Arizona-UCLA last weekend, I did not know that FSU was playing a non-conference series at No. 5 Oregon simultaneously. As it turned out, the Ducks swept three games from the Seminoles, the finale going nine innings.  

These results, along with Arizona dropping two games (both shutouts) out of three to UCLA, really have shaken things up at the top of the national polls.

Florida is now No. 1 in both major national polls. The Softball poll has Oregon at No. 2 and Minnesota at No. 3, whereas the USA Today/NFCA poll transposes the Gophers and Ducks.

Coming up are conference tournaments in the SEC (starting today), ACC (starting tomorrow), B1G (starting tomorrow), and Big 12 (starting Friday). The Pac 12 doesn't have a tournament and will have regular series going on.