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Monday, May 23, 2016

Super-Regional Info from Around the Internet (2016)'s Graham Hays previews the super-regionals.

Each super-regional series will be played over two days (a single game on Day 1, with a double-header on Day 2 if a decisive third game is needed). As detailed here, two series will be played on Thursday-Friday (Florida-Georgia, Oklahoma-Louisiana Lafayette); three will be played on Friday-Saturday (Alabama-Washington, James Madison-LSU, Florida State-Utah); and three on Saturday-Sunday (Michigan-Missouri, Auburn-Arizona, Oregon-UCLA).

For many of these teams, making the super-regionals is old-hat. The super-regional format is now in its twelfth year, having been introduced in 2005. Here are the teams with the longest continuous streaks of making the supers:

Alabama, made it all twelve years

Oklahoma, seven straight

Oregon, seven straight

Louisiana-Lafayette, five straight

Florida State, four straight

UCLA, three straight

LSU, two straight

Auburn, two straight

And some impressive near-continuous streaks:

Michigan, eleven out of twelve

Arizona, eleven out of twelve

Florida, nine of the last ten years

Missouri, eight of the last nine years

Georgia, eight of the last nine years

Washington, seven of the last eight years

Finally, James Madison and Utah will be making their first-ever appearances in the super-regionals.