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Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Super-Regionals Begin Tonight

The super-regionals get underway tonight, with the start of the Michigan-Florida State and Nebraska-Alabama series (see chart below). This year, 14 of the 16 seeded teams have made it to the "supers." Only No. 9 Arizona State (which lost in its region to Michigan) and No. 15 Missouri (which lost in its region to Nebraska) are absent. Only once before, in 2005 (the year the super-regional format began), have so few non-seeded teams crashed the party. That year, DePaul and Bethune-Cookman were the unseeded teams in the super-regionals.'s Graham Hays previews the super-regionals here. Once the games begin, I will be updating the following chart and commenting on interesting developments...

TeamsGame 1Game 2Game 3
 Minnesota (16) at Oregon (1)***

 Nebraska at Alabama  (2)*Alabama

 Kentucky (14) at UCLA (3)***

Baylor (13) at Georgia (4)**

 Washington (12) at Florida (5)***

 Arizona (11) at Louisiana-Laf (6)**

Tennessee (10) at Oklahoma (7)**

 Michigan at Florida St. (8)*Michigan
*Game 1 Thursday, Games 2 and (if necessary) 3 on Friday.
**Game 1 Friday, Games 2 and (if necessary) 3 on Saturday. 
***Game 1 Saturday, Games 2 and (if necessary) 3 on Sunday.
+Delayed one day due to rain-out.

Florida State held an early 3-1 lead over Michigan, but for whatever reason, the Seminoles collapsed both offensively and defensively. Wolverines win 17-3, run-ruled after 6 innings.

Nebraska squandered an early 4-0 lead, losing in 12 innings to Alabama, 6-5.