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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sweeps Characterize Big 12 Opening Weekend

I don't know how many fans took brooms out to Big 12 softball fields today, but it would have been appropriate, as all three of the conference's opening-weekend* series ended in three-game sweeps:

  • Kansas over Oklahoma State (link);
  • Oklahoma over Iowa State (all three wins via run-rule; link); and
  • Baylor over Texas Tech (link).

The reason for the late start to Big 12 conference play is that relatively few series are needed, given how few schools field teams. Despite its name, the conference has only 10 institutions to begin with. Further, three of them -- Texas Christian (TCU), Kansas State, and West Virginia -- don't field softball teams, yielding only seven squads.

*Baylor and Texas played once before this weekend, a game won by the Longhorns.