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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday at the WCWS (2013)

Sunday's action is underway, with Texas leading Florida 3-0 after five innings. The loser is eliminated. The Gators have been getting runners on base, but haven't been able to get the key hit against Blaire Luna... Texas completes the 3-0 victory, eliminating Florida.

Texas moves on to take on Tennessee in the evening session. A Vols win will put them in the championship series, whereas the Longhorns will have to beat the currently undefeated Vols twice (once today and once tomorrow) to advance...

The next game will also pit a pair of one-loss teams -- Washington and Michigan -- against each other... The Huskies take it, 4-1. They'll next face Oklahoma. One win by the Sooners will send them to the championship series, whereas U-Dub would have to beat Oklahoma twice.

A Lauren Gibson blast gives Tennessee a first-inning 1-0 lead over Texas...Vols bring 2-0 lead into bottom of seventh... Texas leads off inning with homer, cutting deficit to 2-1... But that's all the Horns get, as Vols advance to title series.

Next up, Oklahoma vs. Washington... Sooners take 4-0 lead into bottom of fifth, but Huskies score a pair to cut deficit to 4-2. OU now up in the top of the sixth... The Sooners close it out, 6-2...

Oklahoma vs. Tennessee in a two-out-of-three series for the national championship, starting Monday night.

The following chart shows how the teams stand at the moment, with regard to losses. I will update the chart throughout the day. (Teams that have qualified for the championship series are asterisked.)

No LossesOne LossTwo Losses (Gone)







Arizona State
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