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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Today and tomorrow, teams in the Women's College World Series will be fighting to avoid a second loss, which means elimination. The final two teams standing will qualify for the championship round, a two-out-of-three affair that begins Monday night (the slate is wiped clean for the title round, so it doesn't matter at all if a team has one or no losses in the qualifying round). I will continuously update the following chart of where teams stand. Links to game articles will also be included.

Current game: Cal's Jace Williams hits a three-run bomb in the top of the first, to put the Golden Bears up 3-0 over Oregon (play-by-play sheet). The Cal lead is now up to 5-0, with Oregon coming up in the bottom of the second. Cal hangs on for a 6-3 victory.

Last game: LSU vs. Arizona State (play-by-play sheet) , scoreless going to the third The Sun Devils go up 3-0 on a three-run homer by Alix Johnson in the top of the third. ASU has added three more runs, to lead 6-0 with LSU coming up in the bottom of the fifth. The game ends with a 6-0 final score.

No LossesOne LossTwo Losses (Gone)


...Arizona St.
...LSULSU (lost to Arizona St.)
...So. FloridaSo. Florida (lost to LSU)
...OregonOregon (lost to Cal)
...TennesseeTennessee (lost to Oregon)