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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cal (9-0, with a weekend sweep of Utah) and Arizona State (7-1, which applied the broom to UCLA) are running away with the Pac 12 race. All the other teams are .500 or worse in conference play.

Florida (15-2) and Alabama (14-2) continue to lead the SEC. LSU, which lost two-of-three to Bama this weekend, is at 11-3. The conference website has long provided excellent weekend round-ups; here's the one for today.

The Big 12 has a quartet of teams tightly bunched near the top: Oklahoma (8-2), Missouri (9-3), Texas (6-2), and Texas A&M (7-3).

Michigan (8-1) holds its customary position atop the Big 10 standings, followed closely by Purdue and Nebraska, each at 7-2. The Big 10 website features a softball blog, which provides a nice flow of information on schedules and results.