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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The table below tells the story heading into today's play -- who needs just one win to advance to the super-regionals, and who needs two. Numbers in parentheses refer to teams' seedings. If a team needing two wins gets its first win, I will put an asterisk (*) by that team. I am also adding links to articles about teams winning their regionals, in the far right column.

Regional Needs 1 win Needs 2 wins Champion
Tempe AZ Arizona State (1) San Diego State Arizona State
Tuscaloosa AL Alabama (2) Chattanooga Alabama
Austin TX Houston Louisiana-Lafayette Houston
Gainesville FL Florida (4) UCLA* Florida
Columbia MO DePaul Missouri (5)* Missouri
Athens GA Georgia (6) Florida State Georgia
Louisville KY California (7) Louisville California
Tucson AZ Arizona (8) Texas Tech Arizona
Norman OK Oklahoma (9) Tulsa* Oklahoma
Ann Arbor MI Kentucky Michigan (10) Kentucky
College Park MD Baylor (11) East Carolina Baylor
Seattle WA N/A N/A Washington (12)
State College PA Oregon (13) Penn State Oregon
Knoxville TN Oklahoma State Tennessee (14) Oklahoma State
Palo Alto CA Stanford (15) Nebraska Stanford
College Station TX Texas A&M (16) LSU Texas A&M

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