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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

With the NCAA tournament starting Thursday with regionals hosted by BYU and Stanford, and the remaining regionals starting on Friday, I thought I'd provide links to the 16 regional sites. Each four-team regional features one nationally seeded team, listed in parentheses.

Arizona regional (Arizona, 1)

Northwestern regional (Northwestern, 2)

UMass regional (Oklahoma, 3)

Texas A&M regional (Texas A&M, 4)

Tennessee regional (Tennessee, 5)

Nebraska regional (Washington, 6)

BYU regional (Arizona State, 7)

Hofstra regional (Baylor, 8)

Michigan regional (Michigan, 9)

Stanford regional (LSU, 10)

Alabama regional (Alabama, 11)

UCLA regional (UCLA, 12)

Florida regional (Florida, 13)

Southern Illinois regional (DePaul, 14)

South Carolina regional (NC State, 15)

Ohio State regional (Virginia Tech, 16)