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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I was watching something on CSTV a few hours ago, and there was a "crawler" or "scroller" moving across the bottom of the screen, reporting scores and other news items in collegiate sports. After the summary of today's softball scores went by, I realized that conveying the results would be quite easy. All I have to say is that all teams in the USA Today/NFCA poll's top 10 won today. Thank you, and good night!

Actually, I do have a little to add.

What today's dominance by the top 10 means in terms of the Big 12 conference is that Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Baylor all won, leaving a tight race at the top of the standings...

Baylor....... 11-2-0 41-11-0
Missouri..... 9-2-0 33-19-0
Oklahoma..... 12-3-0 47-5-0
Texas A&M.... 10-4-0 37-7-0

Earlier today on ESPN2, Arizona State outlasted Oregon State, 8-7 in 11 innings. In the bottom of the 11th, the Sun Devils' Bianca Cruz drove in the winning run with a single, a "Cruz Missile" that appeared to land just in front of the Beaver left-fielder. In driving in that run, Cruz broke the school record for most RBI in a season.

After a somewhat disappointing non-conference part of the season, Oregon State has been doing better than I would have expected in Pac 10 play. Now 6-5 in conference, the Beavers had won the first game of their weekend series with ASU. One factor that appears to be contributing to the Beavers' steady performance in league play is the emergence of pitcher Ta'Tyana McElroy, to complement Brianne McGowan; both are seniors.

At 10-2, Arizona is at least two games ahead of every Pac 10 opponent.

Ohio State split with Iowa today, leaving the Buckeyes tied with Michigan atop the Big 10 at 8-2 (Northwestern is just percentage points behind at 11-3). Ohio State's conference games are all at home the rest of the way.